Kaftans | Loungers, Muumuu Dresses & Caftans in Satin & Cotton

Women's Caftans - Slip into a kaftan and relax in serene comfort! Flowing caftans (also spelled kaftans) are becoming popular as relaxation lounge wear. What is a caftan? A kaftan is a fluid comfort garment, usually long with loose sleeves, sometimes worn as casual lounge wear, women's sleepwear or as a beach cover-up. Caftans have been worn historically as a traditional garment (see our Moroccan and African styles) but in today's hectic times, the kaftan has experienced revived popularity as a comfort respite from form-fitted streetwear. Browse Natori caftans in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics including cotton, rayon, denim and satin.

We also carry some fabulous housedresses, muumuus, lounger and patio dresses - all wonderfully relaxing lounge wear. A caftan or house dress makes a great gift of comfort for a special someone or treat yourself to a caftan or muumuu dress (in an updated style) for a relaxed clothing experience.