Customer Comments about Serene Comfort Products and Service

Thanks again for the fast, courteous, and knowledgeable customer service and a great product, my bed jacket. I LOVED IT!

Elizabeth, thank you for your personal attention. I received my order last Friday and am all ready for Christmas now. I will recommend your store to all my friends. The products are wonderful! Thanks

Elizabeth, What an elegant bed jacket. It was all I had hoped it would be. My friend said it was the softest robe she had ever had and everyone who came to see her made the exact comment. Thanks you again for your keen insight in your selection of this gift.

Thank you very much for adjusting the order. Your customer service is already a hit!

My 96-year-old mother received her bed jacket yesterday and she was absolutely thrilled with it. You would have thought I had given her a mink coat! She loved the style, color, and feel of it and she wore it all day. It fit her perfectly. Thanks so much for your help and for making it a pleasure to deal with Serene Comfort. (B.M.)

Elizabeth, the bed jacket is fabulous! ... remember I am turning 25 on Monday. I am a big fan of anything cozy... that doesn't matter how old you are! Thanks again for such personal customer service! (M.B.)

My mother has used the bed jacket almost continuously since you sent it, wearing it almost every evening. She finds it very comfortable (and a warm color). It has been a great success. (N.Y.)

I have to compliment you and your company for such good customer care and service. My bed jacket arrived today. It's lovely. Thank you for taking the initiative of sending me the correct size. I shall be ordering more of your bed jackets. They are the perfect for protecting the shoulders and arms from the fans and AC while sitting at the computer. I call them, my computer jackets. (M.S.)

I don't mind telling you at all how much I loved the bed jacket when I received it. I didn't order 2 at first because I wanted to see how the quality was. After receiving the first one, I immediately got online to order another one as I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. They are very soft and beautiful, my Mom is having surgery soon and will absolutely adore these. They are difficult to find in this nice quality, I hope you always carry them. Thanks for such a great product (D.R.)

Just wanted to let you know...... The item came today and my Mother thinks it's beautiful and so do I! Very please with the product and service.... Thank you soooo much. I will be doing business with you again!!!!! (J.P.)

Thank you very much. I have been so pleased with the service and product from your company. I recommend your website to everyone! Thank you for your tremendous high-quality service... (W.T.)