What is a bed jacket? 

A bed jacket, by definition, is a lightweight jacket usually worn over a nightgown or pajamas and originally designed to be comfortable while sitting in bed. 


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Actually, a bed jacket is a misnomer... these wonderful fleece bed jacket

jackets for the house are not just worn in bed anymore! A bed jacket is the perfect top to keep you cozy when you set your temperature several degrees below your usual comfort zone. When we're chilled... it's mostly our upper body that feels it. Add a bed jacket as your outer layer, and you will instantly feel warm. Many extra layers that we wear over our clothing just feel bulky like a toddler dressed up for the snow. But a bed jacket is designed for comfort over nightgowns and pajamas and is equally as comfortable over turtlenecks, sweaters, etc. The new bed jackets are stylish, cozy, and practical.... a bed jacket can be worn anywhere!


About Bed Jackets... What is a bed jacket? Where is a bed jacket worn? Who wears a bed jacket?

Bed JacketA Bed jacket is not just for bed!  Given the emerging trend of women wearing lingerie-styled clothing as street wear, it is not surprising that some women are taking a second look at the incredible comfort offered from a "bed jacket" and finding more uses for it.  One of our very stylish teenage nieces tried on our chenille bed jacket and not only looked wonderful in it... but loved it and wanted to wear it out with her friends. 

As mentioned earlier, a bed jacket, by definition, is a lightweight jacket usually worn over a nightgown or pajamas while sitting in bed.  Traditionally, a bed jacket has been worn by women in the hospital, a nursing home, or convalescing at home.  We still ship many bed jacket gifts to women in need of the special practicality that a bed jacket offers a patient. 

Where is a bed jacket worn? Women's bed jackets are also being used as a cozy top for around the house.  What makes a bed jacket ideal for so many applications is that it is so comfortable to not be sitting on the bulkiness of a robe.  A bed jacket also provides greater ease of movement for doing chores, cooking breakfast, working at the computer, sewing, doing crafts, etc.  A bedjacket just makes sense!

And more frequently, we are finding that a bed jacket goes out... some people have told me that they feel very comfortable wearing one of our beautiful bed jackets outside on the deck or porch.  Others wear them out and about to do errands. In my opinion, some of our bed jackets lend themselves to that use more than others. 

Who is wearing a bedjacket? Although bed jackets have traditionally been worn by elderly or infirm women, many other age groups are beginning to appreciate their benefits. Many women in their 30s and 40s tell me that they don't wear robes... they'll wear a sweatshirt over their pajamas for "down time" at home.  But when they see the practical and cozy comfort of our bed jackets... many are becoming converts to what they think of as a "house jacket".  Bed Jackets have been purchased for wear by college students, nursing mothers, and women of any age who want that special relaxation and comfort that comes with slipping out of work day clothes and into cozy comfy at home apparel.

A bed jacket is also very practical for women experiencing hot flashes and night sweats.  A bedjacket is designed to be easy to take on and off... when chilled, bed jackets provide that extra warmth... when hot... they are easily removed.

In summary, a bed jacket is a revitalized addition to any woman's sleepwear wardrobe.  Please visit our wonderful collection of bed jackets... we specialize in bed jackets and believe that we have a bed jacket to appeal to every taste!  Please be aware that our new bed jacket styles start arriving in August and by October - we have the biggest selection of bed jackets.  Because bedjackets are in big demand for Christmas gifts for women - our bed jackets sell out quickly!


Written by Elizabeth Boulanger Kelly

Co-Owner, Serene Comfort

Updated July 2009